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Understanding Data Center and Data Storage Solutions

Business owners of all sizes are looking for flexible data storage options, and there are plenty of them out there. In fact, deciding to look into Private Data Center Solutions is only the first step. Next, business owners must consider what type of data center option will best meet their companies' unique needs.


Desktop-as-a-Service, or DaaS, provides employees with access to a virtual workspace through running their computers on a data center server. This is known within the industry as a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or a VDI. Switching to a VDI delivery model allows workers to access their applications from any device, offers increased security through storing data in a secured data center, and requires no upfront capital investment.


Also known as IaaS, this form of turnkey outsourced computing environment provides clients with the ability to store data off-site in a fully-secured facility featuring video monitoring, biometric scanners, and more. IaaS services are perfect for businesses that must comply with HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, and other regulatory standards regarding data safety and confidentiality. It's also perfect for business owners who want to take advantage of flexible pricing frameworks based on their actual storage needs.

Cloud-Based Data Storage

Many companies use a backup service to store complete system backups off-site through cloud computing, but this is certainly not the only data storage use for the cloud. Veeam cloud connect offers an additional element of off-site data protection and the ability to immediately recover files as needed. Unified communication, on the other hand, offers a hosted cloud phone system that features automatic failovers, SLA uptime guarantees, and reliable performance; choosing to use cloud-based data storage solutions in conjunction with unified communication can help business owners to increase their operational efficiency.

Managed Services

Growing businesses often require more than just managed or on-site data center solutions. That's why it's a good idea to contract these services from a company such as IntelligIS, which also provides comprehensive managed IT services, unified communication services, consulting services, and more. After all, not every startup or small business can afford to keep a dedicated IT team on its staff to assist with upgrades, come up with advanced data solutions, and ensure that all client and employee information is safe; that shouldn't mean they can't access these same services.

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